Organizational Change Strategist for Nonprofit Organizations

Supporting nonprofit organizations during transitions by…

Serving as interim executive director or in other leadership positions.

Consulting on anti-racist, equitable and inclusive organizational practices.

Facilitating hiring processes for leadership positions.

Supporting boards through successful onboarding of new executive directors.

Coaching and supporting new executive directors.

Transitions can be challenging, and tapping into the wisdom and talent of all stakeholders is key to successful organizational change. My lifelong commitment to liberation and equity informs my assessment and my approach. I bring calm, focused leadership during an important time in the life of an organization–creating the conditions that will allow it to evolve and to become the best possible version of itself.

photo: Irene Young


“Sharon, it’s been a dream & blessing to have worked with you and to witness and be inspired by your leadership. I am so grateful to you for the generous mentorship you’ve given me and the priceless contributions you’ve made toward making Berkeley a more just place for artists and arts administrators of color and women. We wouldn’t have come this far without you.”
Natalia Neira Retamal, Executive DirectorLa Peña Cultural Center
“My experience of Sharon’s performance as interim Executive Director sets the bar. She is a focused manager, a thoughtful partner to other organizational leaders, and an insightful executive in her own right. In short order, she is able to bring to bear the fullness of her experience to address the issues endemic to an organization in transition. Her perspective, recommendations, and ability to identify priorities are invaluable.”

I highly recommend Sharon for consideration as your interim Executive Director.

Board MemberArts Nonprofit
“I felt like I hit the jackpot! I joined a new nonprofit organization as the Executive Director in January 2022, and Sharon acted as my guide. Her experience and perspective made getting up to speed much more straightforward and structured than anticipated. I feel like Sharon laid the foundation for me to be able to succeed and, on top of it all, was a delight to work with! Thank you, Sharon!”
Sarah Travis, Executive DirectorAshkenaz Music & Dance Community Center